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Zoë, with an Umlaut!

There has been some conversation and some confusion about Zoë’s cute little name. Here are a couple of helpful resources for the confused among us.

The name Zoë comes from the ancient Greek, and it means “life.” Read up about Zoë on Wikipedia!

The two dots above the e in her name are diacritic umlauts. Read up on the umalut on Wikipedia!



Many of you probably got invitations to join Geni over the last 24 hours. We got interested in this because Ray’s uncle had been adding family information – he has the Briglebs dated back to the 1700’s.


I called Grandma today to see if she might have some of our family information to add. Turns out, much of the Ream side of the family is already up there, added by a fella named Guy Gnirk (who Geni says is my second cousin twice removed).

Looking over all of this has been so cool. There are many dates and places to fill in, so feel free to tinker around…