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Picture of Four Generations

On Thanksgiving Day, we were able to take a picture of Zoë with her mother, grandmother, and great grandmother!

Unfortunately, there were several other people with cameras, so in none of my pictures is everyone looking at my camera! Oops!



Jacket is too big!

Fall is upon us here in Portland, but we’re still managing lots of walks with Zoë (she loves them). On a walk last week, the three of us discovered a hurt crow in the park. We brought the crow to an emergency animal hospital and we hear it is going to be a-ok. Between this, her recent visit to a VegFest, and the allure of our cats’ tails, Zoë is learning all about loving the animals.

Walking with Grandma B

Our newest milestone with Zoë is this whole crawling gig. She’s not very quick yet, but boy does she pick a target and go for it.

I crawled here


I felt like we saw Zoë’s first “full blown” smile this morning. Tried to get a photo but I wasn’t quite fast enough!

“Morning is my favorite time with Zoë.” -Kandace

Stick Out Tongue

It’s official. Our girl has stuck out her tongue. Twice, today, in response to Kandace’s expressions.

Raymond, Abby, Zoë

I am just putting the wraps on a video from the party last weekend. I’ll post it as soon as it passes muster.

pass muster be accepted as adequate or satisfactory : a treaty that might pass muster with the voters.

Zoë Can See!

Your baby can probably focus on and track moving objects now. Try giving his new skills a workout by slowly passing a toy in front of his face or by having a little “staring contest” during which you walk slowly back and forth in front of him. Watch how his eyes lock with yours and follow along with your movement. This skill is a building block for hand-eye coordination, which will come later.

Z with Pacifier