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Picture of Four Generations

On Thanksgiving Day, we were able to take a picture of Zoë with her mother, grandmother, and great grandmother!

Unfortunately, there were several other people with cameras, so in none of my pictures is everyone looking at my camera! Oops!

Wishing on a Star

As promised, here are our holiday wish lists. Zoë is quite excited about all of the paper and boxes we’ve been telling her about. Maybe by next year, she’ll be old enough to say put it back in the box, mom.” *

Zoë’s Wishlist
Ray’s Wishlist
Kandace’s Wishlist

z sitting

* apparently, everyone gave me clothes as a kiddo to hear me disappointedly say this very phrase. you all should be ashamed, toying with a little baby that way. boy have i grown up!

We’re Back in Portland!

Well, this update is a few days late, but we’re back from our Hawaii vacation. We have many hundreds of pictures, and many hours of video to sort through, but when we have time we’ll put some of them up.

For those of you who are following us on Facebook, you’ve already seen some pictures from our trip, which we took on our iPhones! But don’t worry, we’ll have pictures and videos for everyone soon.

Only the most amazing Luau ever!
Only the most amazing Luau ever!