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Zoë is in the Holiday Spirit


Wishing on a Star

As promised, here are our holiday wish lists. Zoë is quite excited about all of the paper and boxes we’ve been telling her about. Maybe by next year, she’ll be old enough to say put it back in the box, mom.” *

Zoë’s Wishlist
Ray’s Wishlist
Kandace’s Wishlist

z sitting

* apparently, everyone gave me clothes as a kiddo to hear me disappointedly say this very phrase. you all should be ashamed, toying with a little baby that way. boy have i grown up!

Zoë Report : October

Zoë just had her 6 month checkup. Some stats: she’s 27″ long, 16.4 pounds and full of wiggles. Since she’s already crawling and standing, her Dr. says she’ll be walking by 9 months. 9 months! This thought has us both excited and terrified.

Zoë is also grazing a bit on food. Food! We’ve discovered that she adores bananas and cereal soaked rice milk, but is still on the fence with applesauce. Making applesauce, of course, the favorite food to feed her. Those faces!

Here she is on a recent zoo trip with Daddy. She just loves the zoo.

Daddy and Z


Jacket is too big!

Fall is upon us here in Portland, but we’re still managing lots of walks with Zoë (she loves them). On a walk last week, the three of us discovered a hurt crow in the park. We brought the crow to an emergency animal hospital and we hear it is going to be a-ok. Between this, her recent visit to a VegFest, and the allure of our cats’ tails, Zoë is learning all about loving the animals.

Walking with Grandma B

Our newest milestone with Zoë is this whole crawling gig. She’s not very quick yet, but boy does she pick a target and go for it.

I crawled here

5 Months Old

Zoë and Jude
Zoë and Jude

Today is Zoë’s 5 month birthday. Can you believe that! We had swim lessons today and Zoë proved herself to be capable not only of swimming, but also of falling asleep in the water with her goggles on. We are going to celebrate with the Grandparents over dinner tonight. We’re also giving Zoë this cute playbook…shhh…don’t tell her…she hasn’t seen it yet.

BTW…the pic above was sent to me by a friend who took it earlier in the summer. That’s Z’s little friend Jude who was born 1 day after her.