Zoë Report : October

Zoë just had her 6 month checkup. Some stats: she’s 27″ long, 16.4 pounds and full of wiggles. Since she’s already crawling and standing, her Dr. says she’ll be walking by 9 months. 9 months! This thought has us both excited and terrified.

Zoë is also grazing a bit on food. Food! We’ve discovered that she adores bananas and cereal soaked rice milk, but is still on the fence with applesauce. Making applesauce, of course, the favorite food to feed her. Those faces!

Here she is on a recent zoo trip with Daddy. She just loves the zoo.

Daddy and Z


3 thoughts on “Zoë Report : October”

  1. Seriously!!! Walking by 9 months???? Yikes……get your rest now, because once that happens, you’ll never sit down again. Haha. She is so advanced………you gotta be proud. Boy do I miss her. I might have to consider that Zoë Whisperer position you offered me……smile.

  2. She’s certainly at least a couple months ahead of what most babies do at her age. Aunt Cindy said she’d be crawling at 6 months, and I agreed, but don’t think either thought 9 months for walking…wow. Aunt Kathy is so right, get your rest now, you’re in for one wild ride, but are you going to have movie material.

  3. She’s an incredible baby!!!! She’s advanced like you sweetheart. You walked at 9 !/2 months. I cannot wait to see you guys on Wed. Zoë changes so much so fast:)

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