Birthing Timeline on Twitter

For those of you who were not following along on my Twitter page, here is what my notes looked like. It’s an interesting record of events (with minor corrections).

  • Maybe I’m jumping the gun, but I suspect it is a matter of hours before we’ll be heading into the birthing center!
  • In active labor now, Kandace still takes the time to make the bed!!
  • Looks like the full on labor won’t happen until this evening. For the record, there is an iPhone app for recording your contractions…
  • Just ran up to @barcarlo to grab K some pasta – delicious. Have to get that protein and carbs!
  • Been a long day! We are stopping into the birth center now, just to say hi before they leave their office.
  • Birthing update: K took a bath, and is now trying to get some rest. Not taking calls!! Once it gets dark, we expect things to get busy.
  • 511: five minutes apart, one minute in duration, for one hour. Think we’re just about there now.
  • We are at the birthing center. Settling in. Taking K’s vitals. Tub is nice and warm!
  • Tried sleeping for a bit, but K is getting too many contractions… Now she is relaxing in the hot tub. So far so good!
  • No sleep. Very intense and frequent contractions. K has never looked so tired! Still in good spirits and the baby sounds good in there.
  • For the curious, no birth yet! Still in tub with heavy contractions. Taking it easy. Tired but saving our strength!
  • Almost there! Patience!!!
  • Still in labor! K doing well but exhausted. So close!!!
  • 3:48pm. Zoë Rae Brigleb born.

The updates were posted to Twitter during very brief breaks, for the bathroom and what not, using the program Tweetie on my iPhone. It worked very well, but I certainly wasn’t able to post any updates from the birthing bath tub!!


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