Giraffe Day!

New video today! Now remember, this is only a low quality version that you can preview below. You can see a much better version at our MobileMe video page!


Zoë, with an Umlaut!

There has been some conversation and some confusion about Zoë’s cute little name. Here are a couple of helpful resources for the confused among us.

The name Zoë comes from the ancient Greek, and it means “life.” Read up about Zoë on Wikipedia!

The two dots above the e in her name are diacritic umlauts. Read up on the umalut on Wikipedia!

The Specifics

There have been a couple of requests, so I though I would provide the specifics of Zoë Rae’s Birth!

Born 3:48PM PST on April 9, 2009 at Andaluz Birthing Center in Portland, Oregon. She was 20.5 inches tall and 7 lbs. 6.5 oz. at birth, the same as Kandace when she was born!

So there you have it. Also, to answer another frequently asked question: to type the mysterious ë on a Mac, you type Option-U, then you type E. To spell it on an iPhone, you just hold down the E until an Ë appears. If someone knows how to type this on a PC, please do share the info in a comment!!

Checking Up

We had our one week checkup this past Thursday. Zoë is doing fantastic and the appointment went well – save the moment when she peed on the midwife. She is now 8 pounds and double-chinned. We’ll go back in next week for another visit.

Big news this week: Zoë discovered thumb-sucking! And Ray discovered a new iPhone app that lets him take these cool pics, so he’ll surely be adding more to the Flickr set over the next couple days.

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