Giraffe Day!

New video today! Now remember, this is only a low quality version that you can preview below. You can see a much better version at our MobileMe video page!


The Specifics

There have been a couple of requests, so I though I would provide the specifics of Zoë Rae’s Birth!

Born 3:48PM PST on April 9, 2009 at Andaluz Birthing Center in Portland, Oregon. She was 20.5 inches tall and 7 lbs. 6.5 oz. at birth, the same as Kandace when she was born!

So there you have it. Also, to answer another frequently asked question: to type the mysterious ë on a Mac, you type Option-U, then you type E. To spell it on an iPhone, you just hold down the E until an Ë appears. If someone knows how to type this on a PC, please do share the info in a comment!!

Checking Up

We had our one week checkup this past Thursday. Zoë is doing fantastic and the appointment went well – save the moment when she peed on the midwife. She is now 8 pounds and double-chinned. We’ll go back in next week for another visit.

Big news this week: Zoë discovered thumb-sucking! And Ray discovered a new iPhone app that lets him take these cool pics, so he’ll surely be adding more to the Flickr set over the next couple days.

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