Baby Shower

We spent this weekend getting ready for and then celebrating our baby shower.


The spread was amazing! Our dear friends Michelle and Steven took time away from their B&B (and publishing their first cookbook) to create a feast for us all. And, the cake was gorgeous (thanks, Kate) – I wish I had a close-up picture!


Our ever so creative friends and kiddos decorated onesies for the baby (onesie being one of those many new words to creep into our vocabulary, along with swaddler and footsie).


Gift opening was so fun. I believe this kiddo’s wardrobe has vastly overshadowed mine at this point. We were so touched by all of the handcrafted gifts like hats, blankets, cape, curtains, and more!

Ray and I are in full recovery mode today what with the loosing of an hours sleep and the celebration going on late into the evening. Remember when it was late nights of hopping bars that would put us into recovery mode!?


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